5 Smart Roof Maintenance Tips to Make Your Roof Last Longer


One of the best ways to avoid expensive home repairs is maintenance. 

Of course, your roof is no exception. How well you maintain your roof will determine how much you'll spend on repairs. If you inspect your roof regularly and quick to fix small problems, there's a good chance your roof will last a long time.

Now, if you're not too diligent about roof maintenance, you should know that small, easy to fix problems can become huge headaches later on. In some cases, roof replacement may be the only solution, which can be quite costly.

That being said, here are some tips to remember to help protect your roof and make it last for years to come.

1. Trim Overhanging Branches

Tall trees with large branches always pose a risk if they're near your roof. This is why it's always a good idea to have them trimmed even when there's no storm warning. 

Keep in mind if these large branches fall on your roof, they might also cause damage to the structure of your home. Another reason to trim back tree branches is to prevent leaves from collecting on top of your shingles. They may seem harmless, but leaves are a source of moisture, which isn't good for your roof.  

2. Get Rid of Moss

In the woods, moss is a good sign, as it signals the presence of healthy land and clean water, but on your roof, it's a different matter.

The sooner you can get rid of moss on your roof, the better. Don't forget that moss needs water to thrive, and it's growing because it's trapping water underneath your roof. Now, the longer water sits there, the more damage it causes to your roofing material, so it's best to take care of moss, algae, and other debris asap.

3. Implement the Basics of Roof Maintenance

You know how to check your shingles, and you're always looking for leaks in your attic and ceilings, but have you ever had a pro inspect your roof?

No matter how good you are at searching for lost shingles and leaks, there are still some problems only an expert can spot. They can also give you invaluable advice regarding your roof (e.g., metal roof maintenance tips or the essentials of flat roof maintenance). 

4. Let Experts Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning isn't a DIY job, and it's not just because there are safety risks to consider. You're hiring a roof cleaning company because you're serious about protecting your roof. Even if let's say you have a pressure washer, it doesn't mean you're ready to wash your roof.

Only roof cleaning experts know whether your roof is suitable for pressure washing. Perhaps, soft washing is better for your roof, but you won't know it if you've chosen the DIY route.  

5. Know When to Get in Touch With a Roofer 

If you're handy with tools, it's tempting to try to fix roofing problems to save money. For a lot of cases, though, it's better to contact a reliable roofer.

The good news is you don't need to get in touch with them every month. Having your roof serviced semi-annually goes a long way in preventing major roof repairs. 

Want More Roofing Tips and Advice? 

Now that you know more about roofing maintenance, why not stick around to learn more about protecting your roof?

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