The Downsides and Dangers of Not Keeping a Clean Roof


On average, Americans have nine maintenance issues in their home that need attention, whether from a professional or through DIY.

Many of these can probably be delayed without great difficulty. However, if you have a roof that needs to be cleaned, you should attend to it as soon as possible.

Unclean roofs can cause a host of other issues if left unchecked.

Read on as we look at the reasons why you need to keep a clean roof.


The cleaner you keep your roof, the longer it will last before you have to repair or replace it.

When algae are allowed to gather on a roof, harmful bacteria will begin to eat at limestone shingles. Over a long enough period, this can cause severe structural damage.

Moss is also detrimental to the integrity of roofs. Its growth over time will cause shingles to be displaced.

It also affects the ability of the roof to deflect water, as it is absorbent. This increases the risk of wood rot and leaks.

The extent of this risk is dictated by climate. The weather conditions here in Florida are unfortunately ideal for bacteria to flourish. That means that roof cleaning is even more important here than in other areas of the country.


While structural integrity is always of paramount importance, nobody wants their house to be an eyesore.

If you allow moss, mold, algae, or lichens to grow on your roof, they will cause discoloration and other issues.

Not only will this affect the "curb appeal" of your home, it will also have an effect on the value of your property. If you're considering putting your home on the market in the near future, a clean roof should be one of your first priorities.

If you're concerned that your house needs a makeover, check out our full range of cleaning services.


If you think that the dirt on your roof only affects the outside of your home, you're unfortunately mistaken.

The bacteria that form on shingles can be harmful to human health. This is particularly relevant if a member of your family has existing respiratory difficulties.

As well as this, rotting wood can attract pests to your property.

Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient doesn't just relate to using your cooling system responsibly. Your home's ability to reflect heat is also hugely important.

Unfortunately, a dirty roof has a major impact on this. When algae forms, it causes dark stains to appear all over your roof. Because dark colors cannot reflect heat as easily as lighter colors, your roof (and therefore your home) will begin to absorb more heat.

This will result in more expensive energy bills.

The Benefits of Having a Clean Roof: Are You Convinced?

While maintaining a clean roof isn't always easy, it's definitely worthwhile. A simple cleaning procedure could save you a lot of time, money, and hardship if you get it done in time.

If you're interested in our pressure cleaning services for your roof, contact us today for a free estimate.