Facts About Surface Cleaners


A surface cleaner is a pressure washer accessory that uses force from the pressure washer to clean flat surfaces like driveways and parking lots. This allows for a fast and easy clean. Mr. Pressure Cleaning uses a surface cleaner to ensure our customers not only the fastest but the most efficient clean.

When using a surface cleaner, Mr. Pressure Cleaning can clean around 60-80% faster than just using a wand. Instead of moving the wand back and forth for hours, we simply walk behind the pressure washer. This is very similar to walking behind a lawn mower. For example, when cleaning a standard driveway size 13 feet by 31 feet or 400 square feet, using a surface cleaner will take approximately 20 minutes whereas a wand will take at least 90 minutes.

Surface cleaners can be applied to many surfaces such as:

  • Parking lots, Driveways, Drive Thrus
  • Warehouses, Concrete Floors, Roofs
  • Factory Floors, Pool Areas, Docks
  • Walkways, Patios, and much more

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