How to Clean a Roof With a Pressure Washer: The Complete Guide


When it comes to roof maintenance, cleaning, and repair, you always want to stay on top of things. Pun intended. Keeping your roof clean will extend its lifespan and also better protect your home from the elements.

If you are thinking about how to clean a roof with a pressure washer or hiring a professional to do so, here’s a round-up of everything you should know.

Why Clean Your Roof?

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Your roof will take a beating over time. From rain, tropical storms, UV rays, and more, your roof is going to take everything Mother Nature throws at it. This is especially important when it comes to Florida weather

Leaves, sticks, branches, moss, debris, and algae can all accumulate on your roof. You want to make sure you keep your roof clean so your home can be better protected. Even if you can’t see roof algae, moss or debris, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

If you don’t clean moss, and algae off of your roof regularly, your shingles will quickly deteriorate. Your roof shingles help block UV rays from the sun. If your shingles are compromised, your home won’t be as energy-efficient and you’ll see a rise in your AC and heating bills.

If you don’t keep up with roof cleanings, you’ll also have to replace it or repair it more often. Roofs that aren’t kept clean will have detected shingles and damages.

How to Clean a Roof and How to Remove Moss From Roof With Detergent

There are typically a few different ways roofs are cleaned. While you may be able to clean your roof yourself, you’ll want to make sure you are safe and do it properly as to not cause more damage.

You can actually clean your roof without pressure. This technique doesn’t use a loud machine and it’s safer for your shingles.

Soft washing is the name of this popular roof cleaning technique. This method is also known as chemical cleaning. With this method, chemicals are the main way debris, algae, and mold are removed from your roof.

Popular chemicals to clean moss and other algae off of a roof include detergent, bleach, chlorine, and sodium hypochlorite.

Pressure washing is another popular way to clean a roof. This technique uses highly pressurized water to spare algae, dirt, grime, and mold off of your roof. If not done properly, it may actually cause more harm to your roof.

How to Clean Shingles

One of the best ways to clean your roof is by soft washing. This will get your roof cleaned but also protect your shingles. Using chemicals and low water pressure you can actually remove dirt, debris, and harmful algae.

A professional roofing washer will have all the tools and chemicals necessary to safely clean your roof. They know how to clean a roof safely and efficiently.

If you’re ready to get started with professional roof cleaning services, click here to fill out a contact form and get your roof back in great shape.