How to Remove the Dirt From My Roof With Roof Pressure Cleaning


Neglected, dirty roofs develop leaks that can lead to a total collapse. They can also introduce harmful contaminants like mold into your home.

Mold clean-up costs thousands of dollars per room. Repairing a damaged roof and ceiling will cost more than it did to install the roof.

Save your health and your wallet by taking care of your roof. 

Annual inspections are a great start. Add in regular cleaning and your roof will last years longer than anticipated.

Many homeowners don't know how to remove the dirt from their roof, guttering, or flashing.

Let the professionals walk you through the process. This way you know what to expect during a visit from our pressure-washing team.

The Roof Power Washing Process

The first step is to call a pressure cleaning service and get an estimate. After all the details are worked out, they'll schedule your appointment.

When the expert cleaner arrives, they'll set up all of their safety equipment. Safety is the major reason why homeowners shouldn't DIY their roof cleaning. Navigating a ladder while carrying equipment can lead to serious injury.

Next, the cleaner will spray the roof with a cleaning solution. This solution varies from company to company. Rest assured, the cleaners are created just for roofing and won't do any damage.

After the cleaning solution soaks into the dirty roof, it's time to rinse. The low-pressure rinsing system protects your shingles from damage. High-pressure cleaning rips off shingles and weakens the roof.

The cleaner is trained to find every nook and cranny with hidden dirt. A thorough cleaning will last for a year. Miss some algae and it'll cover the roof again in weeks.

Why You Should Clean Your Roof

A dirty roof boosts your air conditioning bill.

Moss and algae absorb heat and transfer it to your shingles. This heat transfer also wears down the shingles. Without regular roof cleaning, you're looking at a 12-year lifespan on a roof instead of 25 years.

All that heat absorbed from the moss and algae sinks into your home. In some cases, it can raise the temperature by about 20 degrees.

Modern roofs include a reflective coating. It stops the roof from soaking in extreme heat.

Dirt and other debris prevent the coating from working. In time, the debris will ruin the reflective coating.

The coating and heat absorption aren't the only concerns when it comes to a dirty roof. 

Left to sit, algae and moss will:

  • Trap moisture against the shingles, causing rot
  • Grow under roofing materials and dislodge them
  • Eat the limestone off the shingles

Roof cleaning is an important part of protecting your home. Without it, your roof may eventually fail.

Need to Know More About How to Remove the Dirt From Your Roof With Pressure Washing?

Don't hesitate to ask a professional about how to remove the dirt from your roof with a pressure washer.

At Mr. Pressure Cleaning, we're always ready to answer your roof power washing questions. 

We specialize in lower pressure roof cleaning that won't harm your shingles or guttering. Contact us today to get a free estimate on our roof cleaning services.