The Most Common Roof Cleaning Myths That Homeowners Tend to Believe


The roof of your home is so much more than a mere cosmetic feature. It is an essential component that affects your safety, wellbeing, living standards, finances, and home prices.

While Americans typically spend around 6 hours per week on home cleaning and maintenance, the amount of people that actually pay attention to their roof is vanishingly small.

If you're considering a roof cleaning, it's important that you enter the task at hand fully informed. As roof cleaners, we are accustomed to hearing the same myths about roof cleaning over and over again.

These are myths that can seriously damage the integrity and safety of your home in the long run. Before you get started, here are the most common roof cleaning myths to ignore. 

Myth 1: Roof Cleaning is a Quick and Easy DIY Project

The most common roof cleaner myth we tend to hear is that the cleaning process is a quick and easy do-it-yourself job.

All too often we have been called up in an emergency because a homeowner thought that a sponge and a pressure washer was all they needed to get their roof good as new again.

Roof cleaning is an intensive, delicate process that needs to be done right the first time. That's why you should call a professional roof cleaning service. 

Myth 2: Roof Moss Can Easily Be Ignored 

Many people see the growth of moss and algae on their roof as nothing more than an aesthetic issue.

However, this could not be further from the truth. Moss on your roof can cause serious damage in a very short timeframe, as it can strip all of the ultraviolet protection from the surface of the roof.

This means a weaker roof that is less able to deflect the sun's rays, causing a hotter house and more expensive AC bills for you. 

Myth 3: Those Black Stains on the Roof Are Just Dirt

If you have noticed the sudden appearance of black stains on your roof, it's time to take action. It is more than likely that those stains are not just dirt.

Rather, they are an invasive species of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, which thrives in warm, damp conditions.

If left untreated, it can burrow its way deep into the structure of your roof, eroding its integrity and necessitating a replacement. Save yourself the trouble by taking action immediately. 

Myth 4: You Only Need to Clean the Areas That 'Look' Dirty 

Whether it's a commercial roof or a residential roof, we often deal with situations where the owner is under the illusion that only the areas where dirt and moss buildup is actually visible need to be dealt with.

The most corrosive roof substances, like moss and algae, are made up of microscopic particles.

They could already cover your entire roof, but you might barely even notice its presence. If you're doing a roof cleaning, make sure to clean the whole thing. 

Myth 5: Roof Cleaning is Expensive 

One of the main reasons that people avoid hiring qualified professionals for cleaning roof structures is that they think it is prohibitively expensive.

However, this is wrong. Roof cleaning is an affordable investment that will likely save you more money in the long run.

Remember that roof replacement costs many times more than a roof cleaning, and that neglecting your roof can lead to canceled insurance policies and degraded home values. A professional roof cleaning is always worth the cost. 

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