Plan on Painting Your House? Power Wash First.


A spotless surface is crucial for an outstanding paint job. Pressure washing is the quintessential step to preparing your house for painting. By not removing the dirt, grime, mold, etc., you strongly increase the chance that any coating you apply will fail. A proper way to prepare for the task of painting would be thoroughly pressure cleaning the exterior with an efficient chemical to remove all mold, mildew and peeling paint chips. On surfaces that are suffering from excessive peeling and flaking, a simple garden hose will NOT do the trick.

Mr. Pressure Cleaning has skilled professionals on hand to assist you in the paint preparation for your home, and any other pressure cleaning necessities. We have the expertise to provide the correct procedure for protecting nearby plants and the knowledge of applying the precise amount of pressure on various surfaces. We take pride in working with you to provide these services while staying well within your budget. Call today for your FREE estimate.