Pool Cages and Deck Pressure Cleaning


Many people in Southwest Florida are likely to keep up their pool maintenance themselves. Some pay for a pool cleaning service to rid their pool of algae and unsightly dirt. Having the cleanest pool on the block requires constant up keep and almost daily maintenance. A task, not everyone has time for, nor gets much enjoyment out of, therefore gladly passing it onto someone else.

The initial thought of a clean pool most likely would have a person imagining crystal clear blue water. While that is important, many of us clean our pools and ultimately neglect the pool screens and aluminum cages that surround it. These areas can build up with mold and algae spores leaving those who swim with a dirty sight to see. We at Mr Pressure Cleaning know what a difficult chore this can be to pressure clean and would be more than happy for you to delegate the duty onto us.

Mr Pressure Cleaning uses a highly diluted chemical solution to loosen the dirt, kill the algae spores and mildew on the screen and aluminum frame prior to spraying with our pressure washer. This will leave your pool cage and decks renewed and sparkling for another season to enjoy. If you have a dirty pool cage or deck, please give Mr Pressure Cleaning a call today for your FREE estimate.