Power Washing And Its Affect On Your Plants


Power washing your house and roof removes built up dirt, algae, mold and mildew. Some roofs are best washed using a low pressure chemical clean. Although most chemicals claim to be plant and animal safe, the solution still may damage your plants if not dealt with properly. Unfortunately, much of your impressive landscaping resides in the direct line of the chemical run-off.

In an article by Amy Rodriguez, of Demand Media, she explains how the bleach solution most pressure washers use will transform into salt as the bleach breaks down after run-off. Therefore, the excess amount of salinity on the plants contributes to its death as it causes the plant to struggle for water absorption.

We at Mr. Pressure Cleaning truly care about all the hard work that goes into maintaining your landscape. We take the steps necessary to ensuring your plants make it out alive. The most important and successful way of doing this is to thoroughly soak the plants prior to pressure cleaning. Also, we flood out your downspouts with fresh clean water while we are pressure cleaning your home. Lastly, we carefully rinse all plants to remove any chemicals that may have sprayed onto them. Mr. Pressure Cleaning is a licensed and insured company in North Port that services all of Charlotte, Sarasota & Lee Counties. Call us today for your FREE estimate.