A Quick Guide to Metal Roof Maintenance


Most of us spend little time thinking about our home's roof. In most cases, it's a piece we ignore when we look at the outside of our home.

If that roof is stained, damaged, or aged, that all changes. A poorly-maintained roof makes your home look older and lower-value, no matter how the rest of the house looks.

Metal roof maintenance is a simple solution that will keep your roof at its best. Let's look into why it's so important and go over a few tips to get you started.

Why Your Metal Roof Needs Maintenance

Metal roofs may be low-maintenance. They aren't maintenance-free, though. There are multiple reasons to be more conscious of your roof's needs.

Keeping a Fresh Look

Your roof is a larger part of your curb appeal than you realize. It "tops off" the look of your home and keeps the house looking fresh and well-cared-for.

Like any other part of your exterior, your roof can develop stains and dirt buildup over time. A thorough cleaning on a regular basis prevents the buildup and gives you back the shiny roof you want.

Identifying Damage

Keeping your roof clean will make it easier for you to spot and repair signs of damage. For example, there is a risk your metal roof will rust if the rust-proof coating gets damaged. If it does, it can lead to corrosion and damage to your home.

If there are stains and dirt spots on your roof, it'll be more difficult to see rust. You're likely to miss the rust. The corrosion will get worse until you have an expensive water leak.

Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

How do you safeguard your metal roof and keep it looking its best? It's all about ongoing upkeep. Start with these tips.

Go With a Professional Cleaner

A key way to maintain your metal roof is to keep it clean. As important as it is to clean your roof, you shouldn't try a DIY approach.

There are specific cleaning products that work well for metal roofs and other products to avoid. You also need to clean the roof with gentle water rather than a pressure washer to keep it from causing damage.

On top of protecting your roof, a metal roof cleaning specialist also has the equipment to complete the job safely. You run a serious risk every time you get on your roof or use a tall ladder. A roof cleaner can help you avoid that risk.

Stay on Stain Watch

Roof stains can be signs of a problem on any type of roof. To catch problems early, you need to check your roof for stains on a regular basis.

This could be as simple as using binoculars to inspect your roof a few times each year. Look for stains as well as grime build-up and any type of damage. If you see anything, call a roof cleaner to treat the problem.

Maintaining a Clean, Clear Roof

When it comes to metal roof maintenance, prevention is the name of the game. No homeowner wants the headache of a water leak or the decrease in their home value due to an unmaintained roof.

If your roof could use some attention, call our metal roof cleaning specialists.