Roof Soft Washing: Benefits of Low Pressure Cleaning


Depending on the materials used, the average roof can last anywhere between twenty and fifty years. That's a lot of time for dirt and bacteria to build up.

When it comes time to get your roof washed, you want to be careful about which method you choose. The best option is to hire a professional for roof soft washing and avoid power washing at all costs.

Continue reading to learn the many reasons you should choose low-pressure cleaning for your roof.

Roof Soft Washing Is More Effective Than Power Washing

The alternative roof cleaning method is power washing. Many people are familiar with power washing because it's often used on home siding and fences. Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as effective for your roof as low-pressure cleaning is.

Pressure washing only removes the first layer of grime and bacteria. Your roof, whether you know it or not, is a breeding ground for bacteria because it's frequently exposed to both heat and moisture.

Soft washing penetrates more in-depth to get rid of more bacteria and grime. It targets the upper layer and the deeper contaminants you don't see with your naked eye.

There's Less Risk of Damage

Since low-pressure cleaning is gentler than alternative methods, it poses less risk of damage. Using high pressure on your roof can cause significant damage. For example, power washing can knock your shingles lose or cause them to crack.

Gets Rid of Algae Build-up

If you have patches of green or streaks of black on your roof, you've got a build-up of algae. This isn't only an aesthetic issue. Algae can cause significant damage to your roof, especially if it's left unchecked for long periods.

The real problem with algae on your roof is that it eventually leads to rotting shingles. Once the shingles have succumbed to rot, it leaves everything beneath open to the elements. In turn, this causes structural damage that can only be repaired by replacing your whole roof.

Doesn't Void Your Roof's Warranty

Many types of cleaning will void your roof's warranty because they're known to cause damage. Roof soft washing is one of the few approved cleaning methods that will not.

If you void your roof's warranty, you could end up paying out-of-pocket for repairs or replacement. It doesn't matter if the problem arises from something out of your control, either. Once the warranty is voided, you become responsible for all repairs moving forward.

Do You Have More Questions About the Benefits of Roof Soft Washing?

There are many benefits of roof soft washing. The most important being that the method doesn't cause damage to your roof or void your warranty.

Do you have more questions about the benefits of roof soft washing? Or would you like to inquire about low-pressure cleaning for your home's roof?

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