Why You Shouldn’t Pressure Clean Your Own Roof


Cleaning your own roof as a do it yourself project is an absolute mistake. Think it may look like an easy job and that there is nothing to it? Think again. Professionals experienced in their craft just may make it look easy to the untrained eye. There are many factors to consider when it comes to roof cleaning and pressure washing. First there is many pieces of heavy equipment needed to properly pressure clean a roof. The roof will not come clean with the pressure washer you bought at Home Depot. Second, the chemicals required for the job MUST be properly measured out and mixed to safely clean the home. If you have the mixture just slightly wrong, you are likely to cause damage to your beautiful landscape. Also, a professional roof cleaner is correctly trained in roof safety and uses the proper safety equipment.

All too often do-it-yourselfers make mistakes that can lead to falling off their roofs, ultimately costing themselves endless amounts of money in large medical bills. We at Mr Pressure Cleaning strongly recommend you leave the roof cleaning to us. We are eagerly standing by for your FREE estimate. Give us a call today!!