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Power Washing Facts You Should Know

Nov 22, 2015

Mildew, mold, dirt and grime are all things that can be removed easily by pressure cleaning. The force created by a power washer is so powerful that it dislodges deeply ingrained dirt in those impossible to reach areas. Many people think this is…

3 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home

Nov 14, 2015

1. Pressure Cleaning Saves You Money

Power washing is a smart, preventitive maintenance for all exterior surfaces and can prevent costly repairs to your property. Scheduling an annual or semi-annual pressure cleaning of…

Pressure Cleaning Moldy Home

Nov 07, 2015

There was serious mold build up at this Port Charlotte home.  Mr. Pressure Cleaning used chemical and soap to kill the mold and algae while pressure washing driveways and exterior surfaces of the residence.  Most home owners are afraid that harsh…

Welcome to Mr Pressure Cleaning

Nov 01, 2015

Our first blog post!

In this blog section, we will write about various Pressure Cleaning jobs and other Pressure Cleaning techniques I like to use.  My goal is to seperate us from the pack and become a leader in the Pressure Cleaning arena…