The Importance of Removing Roof Mold Before It Starts to Spread


An estimated 47% of homes in the United States have dampness or mold problems. Is your home one of them? 

While most people are diligent about taking care of mold inside their homes, many don’t think about or notice the mold that may be growing directly above them, on their roof. One of the many reasons to clean your roof is to reduce the growth of roof mold. If left untreated, a moldy roof can cause damage to your home and harm your health.

If you have roof mold, here are a few reasons you should call a professional to prevent the mold from spreading. 


One of the signs your roof needs cleaning is the appearance of mold on your roof. It’s important to know mold can be a variety of colors and present in a variety of ways. 

The mold on your roof may be black, brown, gray, white, or green. You may notice a series of dark brown or black spots spreading across your roof, or you might see something resembling dirt or soot. In some cases, the mold growing on your roof is white and thready. 

Whatever it may look like, seeing mold is a sign that it has been growing and is already a serious problem. 

The appearance of mold is not only unsightly, but it also will automatically decrease the value of your home and property until the mold is removed. 


Roof mold removal is so important because left untreated, mold can cause damage that can result in a costly replacement and repair. 

When mold is allowed to grow on your roof, it first spreads to your shingles. The mold will eat away at the shingles and their rough surface, weakening them and causing holes that let in dampness and feed the mold. Eventually, the mold will make its way to the wooden beams in your home and cause wood rot, which will ultimately cause structural damage to your home.

Not only is this damage costly to repair, but a damaged roof is also a haven for pests and gives them easy access to your home, resulting in an infestation.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important because it has a major impact on your overall health and wellness. Air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, is responsible for 7 million deaths each year, which is a staggering statistic, considering mold is one of the biggest pollutants of indoor air. 

Wherever mold is growing, the spores are released into the air. They can land on surfaces, take hold and start to grow. When you inhale the spores, they cause serious respiratory damage that can lead to death. 

Roofing mold increases your exposure to mold spores both inside and outside of your home, causing the mold to spread and resulting in various health problems.

Roof Mold: The Bottom Line

If you notice any signs of roof mold, it’s best to contact a professional right away to prevent it from spreading and causing even more damage. 

Does your roof need cleaning? We are here to help! Contact us today to get started.