Important Questions to Ask a Roof Cleaning Service Before Hiring Them


When was the last time you had your roof cleaned? 

If you're like many Americans, the answer is probably "I've never had it cleaned!" or even "Huh?" Believe it or not, some types of roofs do need a thorough cleaning every once in a while. In fact, sometimes a cleaning is all the roof needs, even if you have been told it ought to be replaced! 

Keep reading to learn about how to properly vet a roof cleaning service.

Questions To Ask a Roof Cleaning Service Prior to Hiring Them

Having the roof cleaned isn't as complicated, time-consuming, or expensive as replacing it, but it is nevertheless a fairly big job. For that reason, you want to make sure the company you hire is trustworthy and conscientious. 

After you have gotten some recommendations from friends, family members, or online review sites, start contacting the services to ask them these questions.

1. Why Should My Roof Be Cleaned?

Aside from giving your roof a new lease on life and improving your home's curb appeal, why bother to clean it? For starters, cleaning could prolong its life.

Debris, as well as the growth of mold, algae, lichens, and fungus, can actually weaken the shingles. They can promote moisture, causing the roofing material to rot. These growths can also spread underneath and in between shingles, causing them to crack, buckle, curl, or lift.

The roofing company rep will evaluate your home and tell you exactly what problems your roof is suffering from. They will make sure you understand the necessity of the cleaning job.

2. What Cleaning Methods Will You Use?

There are essentially two ways to clean a roof. Which one is used depends on the material of the roof, its condition, and its age. 

Pressure washing can be an effective, environmentally friendly way to clean a roof. It uses high-power jets of water to scrub away accumulated dirt and biologic growth. The alternative, called soft washing, relies on chemicals for its cleaning power. These chemicals can also help protect your roof from future damage.

The service you choose should advise you as to which method is best for your roof.

3. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Naturally, every company that sends employees up onto the roof of a home or other structure should carry the appropriate insurance. Roofing work, whether that's installing a new roof or cleaning an existing one, is inherently dangerous.

Additionally, licensing or certification will provide you peace of mind. It lets you know that the work that is to be performed will be done by knowledgeable experts.

What Kind of Shape Is Your Roof In?

Is your roof looking a little lackluster? Do your shingles need some TLC? We can give any roof a facelift that will subtract years from its appearance -- and maybe even add years to its lifespan. 

What's more, our roof cleaning service is considerate, courteous, and convenient. Call us to discuss your needs or to request a free estimate