Soft Wash VS Pressure Wash: What's The Best For You


Did you know there are many reasons to have your roof regularly cleaned? It can improve your roof’s longevity, make it look better, and make your home more energy-efficient! But not every cleaning method is the same.

Two of the most common methods are soft washing and pressure washing. What’s the difference? And which is best for your roof?

Stick with us as we settle the soft wash vs pressure wash debate once and for all!

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing uses I high-powered stream of water that’s under pressure (PSI). It’s designed to clean strong surfaces that have ingrained or heavily embedded contaminants.

Pressure washing is generally best for things like removing loose stain or paint when you’re getting ready to re-stain or re-paint. It’s also sometimes used to wash older concrete.

The drawback to pressure washing is that it’s so powerful that it’s likely to cause damage. In fact, if you use it on the wrong surfaces, it will almost always do more harm than good

What is Soft Washing?

What is soft washing compared to pressure washing? Well, it’s similar but uses far less pressure. Instead, it delivers water and specialized cleaners at a higher volume.

This makes soft pressure washing a much safer method for removing contaminants on the surface, such as mildew, algae, mold, and dirt.

Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash: Which is Better?

Now for the ultimate question, when it comes to soft washing vs. pressure washing – which is better? Well, that depends on the results you’re trying to achieve. If you have old, stained concrete that needs to be cleaned, pressure washing is the way to go.

Same goes for times when you need to remove paint or stain from a surface. However, if you want the surface to remain intact but look cleaner, then you’ll definitely want to opt for a soft wash.

You should also never pressure wash your roof! You’re almost guaranteed to damage your shingles and doing so may even void your roof’s warranty.

It’s also important to note that pressure washing can be dangerous and is rarely a DIY project. The power from the spray is strong enough to cut through a finger or break a bone. You could also suffer from abrasions, eye injuries, slip and fall injuries, and more!  

Leave Your Roof Cleaning to the Pros

Now that you know the answer to the soft wash vs pressure wash debate, you might be thinking about running out and buying a soft washing machine. Not so fast!

Cleaning your roof is one project that’s definitely better left to the pros. Don’t worry, though, we’ll take care of this job for you and you’ll love the results! Contact us today to request a quote and get started!