5 Amazing Benefits of Hiring Roof Cleaning Companies


The roofing industry's worth $48.1 billion and for good reason. Roofs define homes architecturally and structurally. Shelter can't happen without them.

Beyond roof replacements and repairs, roofs need cleaning. Though roofs are long-lasting, lack of roof care can make for long-term problems.

66 percent of Floridians own homes. That means 14.5 million people should know the importance of roof cleaning companies.

It can be hard to identify roof problems in a timely fashion. It's like not being able to see the top of your head. 

Don't wait until algae's seeping through your walls to call roof cleaning services. Keep reading and learn how to know it's roof cleaning time.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning Companies

Can you picture it? You're up on your roof with a ladder, safety goggles, rope, a scrub brush, rubber gloves, and a bunch of bleach trying to remove some moss. 

Roof cleaning's a DIY danger. Here's why roof cleaning companies are the way to go.

1. Proper Inspection

A roof's red flags come in different forms. If you've experienced the following, it's time for a deep roof cleaning.

Some projects call for easy spot treatments. Roofs aren't one of them. If you've located some spots for concern, there could be growths forming elsewhere.

Roof cleaning services allow for thorough inspection and damage control to mitigate affected areas.

2. Proper Roof Cleaner

Throwing bleach on a roof's a recipe for disaster. Professional roof cleaning companies use the right roof cleaner for your roof material. For example, metal roof cleaners are different than roof shingle cleaners.

Using the wrong roof cleaner can taint or tarnish your shingles, costing you more in the long run.

3. Proper Pressure Washing

There are different methods of roof water washing. There are soft wash roof cleaning and pressure washing methods. For those reasons, standing on your roof with a garden hose may not be the best way.

High-powered pressure washing's dangerous, as the speed of the water can break bones! High-pressure washing isn't for roofs, so we offer optimal low-pressure services.

Working with professionals ensures you and your shingles are safe.

4. Thorough Debris Removal

Beyond the daily wear and tear, Florida weather's hurricane weather. Excess dirt from high winds can hide beneath shingles and panels. 

Fast-changing climates make roof maintenance that much more important. Routine care's preventative care. 

5. It's Worth the Price and Peace of Mind

Like chimps check their infants' heads, it makes sense to have a roof cleaner to check your roof. It's worth the investment to learn your home's no health hazard.

Professionals know roofs and how they work with your climate. Keeping your roof clean keeps its residents healthy!

Mr. Pressure Knows Roof Pressure

We admire the DIY drive, but roof work's not the time. Roof cleaning companies have the right technology, expertise, and education to raise your roof's hygiene.

Roof dirt is more than looking bad—and what looks like dirt may be more than that!

Roofs are a home's statement piece. In a state with distinct architecture, it'd be a shame for dark roof stains to shake its integrity.

Get a free estimate today to relish in the gift of a roof rinse!